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Protecting Your Loved Ones After Your Passing

If you are the guardian or caregiver for an elderly loved one, young child or special needs adult, you want to know that they would be well taken care of in the event of your passing. Thankfully, you can arrange for your loved ones’ care by creating a guardianship and/or a trust.

At Smith & Smith Law Firm, our Texas attorneys can help you create guardianships and trusts that you can count on to look after your cherished family members in your absence. You can rely on the extensive experience of our legal team to help you create a plan that fits your circumstances.

Creating Security Through Foresight

Guardians have the legal authority to look after and care for a ward, the person to whom the guardian is appointed. By appointing a guardian while you are still alive, you can ensure that your designated guardian is willing to accept the role and is capable of providing the care your loved one needs.

Without a guardianship in place, your loved one may become a ward of the state, or the government may choose a guardian whom you would have never selected. Your actions today can prevent your loved ones from ending up in the wrong place tomorrow.

Do Not Forget A Trust

In addition to assigning a guardian to look after your loved ones, you can also create a trust to ensure that your loved ones have the funds they need. Creating a trust can also ensure that you will minimize certain taxes, thus ensuring that your loved one receives the maximum possible benefit. You can rely on our experience to help you create a trust that best suits your needs.

Start Your Planning Today

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